Outback Wellness

Outback Wellness Weekend 3-5 November 2017

New opportunity in drought-affected Longreach

The Outback Wellness Weekend is a weekend of self-care, gentle exercise and relaxation. Participants are asked to leave their stress and worries behind and come to a friendly weekend of gentle yoga, mindfulness and relaxation sessions accompanied by cooking sessions and delicious & delightful meals.

The drought is still very much with us and it is hard not to be affected by it. We know people are stressed, busy, over-committed and have massive work and family demands. They are time poor and risk falling into the trap of making themselves and their health a low priority.

Anna-Marie Perry, yoga instructor

This weekend offers the chance to relax and recharge both mind and body, de-stress and invest some time in self-care and in developing skills in mindfulness and relaxation to leave with a healthier outlook on life. The weekend is not just for those who are drought affected – anyone can attend – either self-drive from wherever you are or fly-in/fly-out from Brisbane (airport transfers provided).


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Yoga, Mindfulness

Sue Mott - Wellbeing Facilitator




Delicious &
Delightful food

Ken Do, Jumbuck Chef





 Massage &

Bob Morgan, Complete Body Therapeutics






Give yourself something to look forward to.

Introducing Anna-Marie Perry

Anna-Marie (from Ilfracombe) is a practitioner of Dynamic Hatha Yoga and has been teaching yoga since 2008.  Anna-Marie has many professional qualifications including as a level2 yoga teacher, in Yin Yoga myofascial release and Being yoga align & refine and creative vinyasa sequencing among others.

She explains her yoga journey, “Coming from a ballet background, I started to attend yoga classes with the view to gaining some fitness and muscle tone, but discovered that yoga gave me so much more.  Not only did yoga present me with the chance to challenge myself both physically and mentally, but also to gain a feeling of calm and well-being.”

Sue Mott - Wellbeing Facilitator

Introducing Sue Mott

Sue Mott (Longreach) is the Wellbeing facilitator for Healthy Minds Program based in Longreach and working for Anglicare CQ.





 Introducing Joy Smith - New Access Coach for the Royal flying Doctor Service

Introducing Ken Do

Ken Do, Jumbuck chef

Ken Do (Longreach) has been a chef since he graduated in Brisbane about 8 years ago. 2017 is his fifth year as the chef at the Jumbuck Motel. His cooking classes will inspire you with Vietnamese inspired dishes that are healthy, delicious and delightful.




Introducing Bob Morgan


Bob (Barcaldine) runs Complete Body Therapeutics with a range of therapies available to relieve, ease, rebalance and repair; Migraines, stress relief, sore shoulders neck and back, hip misalignment, hammer- toes binding and retraining, chakra testing and rebalancing, carpal tunnel syndrome relief and repair, cold, flu and sinus relief, and if you generally want a new sense of self.


Massage , remedial and traditional.

Bowen therapy



Dry needling



Chakra testing and rebalancing.

Book in for a 30 or 60 minute therapy by calling Bob directly on 0428 658 078